Village Launches 51 Minutes

On June 4, 2013, Village Real Estate in Nashville, TN inaugurated its new productivity huddle time called 51 Minutes.  The format is highly interactive with a live blogging team, agents live Twitter stream on the big screen and segments ranging from “Selling Nashville” and “How I Met The Money” to “What Would You Do” and “The X Factor.”

Village51 LiveBlog:


51 – Brian went over the new format – “To become the most productive time of your week”


50:Hashtag is #Village51


50: What would you do?:


You are in the process of countering back and forth with an offer and in the process you receive a better offer. What do you do?


Contact your Seller: Advise them of them options: Don’t direct, advise: You can withdraw the counter in writing. If its in the the best interest of your Seller and the Seller gives you permission, you can disclose the other price – called “Shopping the Price.”

What if you have a bound contract and you receive another offer? You must present the offer to your Seller.


45: Mission Possible:  Todays non-profit is Hands-On Nashville –


Hands On Nashville’s mission is to meet community needs through volunteerism. We connect volunteers to critical issues facing the Middle Tennessee community – like hunger, homelessness, and environmental issues – and we’ve been at it for more than 20 years.


41: Special Announcements: Mark: Award Werthan Lofts receive the Design Excellence Award by Urban Land Institute


40: Time Saving Tips – Productivity: A call comes in while your at the grocery store, the caller is looking for information about a property. What do you do? You can ask them to text you their  information or keep info in a Google Drive or Evernote.


34: Elite Insurance Moment – With a horizontal property regime, home owners coverage includes the home and the land under it. Driveways and Common


31: Selling Nashvile

Note:  Only agents who send listings in are listed here as this part of the meeting goes very quickly.

Jean Eskew:  118 Sunset Place, Hendersonville, TN. 37075
522 Hunting Hills, Mt. Juliet, TN. 37122 (I am part owner…there is a tenant who will cooperate with showings…not on MLS at this point)

Fred Lawrence:  1312 7th Ave North – est 275000 listing price

Also – 1420 and 1418 3rd Ave North – 250000


Challenge: 4 Sales In House


SWBC: How long has it been since we’ve seen 4% interest? This week interest rate average average 4%

Impacts: Refinance Companies may enter the buyer market

New Rule: Qualified Mortgage only 3% of the 43%


19: How I Met the Money: Village Assist $100 Contract to Close Special. All you need to do is submit a bound contract


14: TOP AGENT: Next Wednesday at 9:50 Varsity Collective Get involved.


Use the eConcierge for your partner network. Challenge: Bring in your vendor list that you are currently using.

8: New Development Coming To Westend: Well priced, contemporary condos.


Rudy Title Moment: Take a picture closing and add to social media

4: Happy Endings: New wifi coming to Village

4: Announcements:

Today at 10:30

Net Sheets with Bobbie

Tomorrow at 1:00 at HBV

Village Lab:  Facebook Pages

Vino With Village

Friday, June 7 at 6 at FRK

A Killer Buyer Consultation With Paula

Tuesday, June 11 at 10:30 at HBV

Varsity Collaborative

Wednesday, June 12 at 9:15 at HBV

Today: Net Sheets With Bobbie

Village Consults Launches With DATAsfaction

This is the genesis of a new concept for real estate education, consulting and coaching.  Check back often for rich, specific news, tips and opportunities with Village Consults (a division of Village Real Estate Services).

First up, our inaugural DATAsfaction.  You’ll get to hear from and ask the tough questions to national industry pros at Zillow and Trulia.

You’ll walk away from the event ready to dominate the 2013 real estate market, armed with 2012′s trends, economics, statistics and data.  You’ll hear the local twist with help from RealTracs.  Check back often for updates.  For more information and to register, click here, people!